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 Here’s what some of our long-standing clients
have to say about our services.

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Carpetblt.gif (1154 bytes) “In our office, we have found Compofelice Reporting Service to be dependable, efficient and flexible, as well as reasonably priced, and we have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”
David S. Harvis, Esq.

Carpetblt.gif (1154 bytes) “... I would highly recommend Compofelice Reporting Service to anyone in need of a professional and highly efficient reporting service.”
Jeffrey R. DeCaro, Esq.

Carpetblt.gif (1154 bytes) “All of the reporters provided by Compofelice Reporting Services are kind, courteous and efficient.  Testimony is always transcribed in a proper and efficient manner.”
Samuel J. DeBlasis, Esq.

Carpetblt.gif (1154 bytes) "It is obvious that Compofelice Reporting Services must proofread very carefully because their transcripts are always so accurate"
Bruce M. Plaxen, Esq.

Carpetblt.gif (1154 bytes) "You…have always been available on a minute's notice, never complain about delays and cancellations, and most importantly, have always provided a quality product in a timely fashion."
Keith N. Schiszik, Esq.

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